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June 16, 2006

The ship won't sink

Don't give up total hope on the 06-07 Spartan basketball team just yet. Sure Shannon Brown's early departure leaves a hole - albeit a gigantic one - but Tom Izzo is a crafty coach and he'll find a way to keep MSU above water next season.

Expect to see a lot of preseason patty cakes on the schedule, but the Big Ten shouldn't be overly powerful this year as there are a lot of senior/early defections across the board. You can count on MSU being a strong rebounding and scrappy team. And with the hit the offense is taking - it will have to be.

I think you'll see a lot (as in full-games worth) of Walton at point guard and Neitzel at the two offensively and vice versa on defense. Freshmen Raymar Morgan and Isaiah Dahlman are gonna have to step up at small forward and the big-man rotation of Marquise Gray, Goran Suton, Drew Naymick and Ibok Idong (Idunk Iblock) will have to suffice up front.

There is still talent in East Lansing and the Spartans will rely their tradition for motivation and confidence as the season gets closer. If MSU does make it to its 10th straight appearance in the NCAA, Izzo will be praised (to a point never seen before). This year would be looked upon as one of his greatest accomplishments & rightfully so.


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