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January 30, 2008


With a win over Illinois tonight the Spartans will have their best start ever.

The last time the Spartans were 18-2 they got beat,... by Illinois.   Tonight should be an excellent opportunity for some over due revenge.

What does this start mean for the team?  A lot of our wins have been less than specatacular, and both losses could (should) have been wins.  So is the record an accurate barometer for the team so far?

The last 18-2 team ended the season in the Final Four, for the third straight time.  Does this year's squad have what it takes to get there too?

And don't think that we should look past Illinois.  They play good defense, and have some talent.  If we don't respect them, we will lose.  I think Izzo will use this opportunity to get the team fired up and make sure no one is looking past the orange ones.  Make it MSU 65 Ill 49.



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