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June 29, 2009

Boisture Personal Observations and Thoughts

It was a pleasant surprise to many MSU fans that Saline QB Joe Boisture committed to MSU last week after initially giving a verbal to Boston College this March.

With the commitment the hope is that the Spartans' near-term and long-term QB situation is settled. It would be logical to expect Boisture, a top 100 overall recruit and top 10-15 QB recruit by some recruiting services, to be redshirted his freshman year given the relative depth at the position although he will enroll at MSU in January.

The timing of the commitment is not coincidental. Robert Bolden of Orchard Lake St. Mary's visited Penn State's camp last weekend and he was expected to make a decision in the near future, possibly between MSU and PSU. Boisture beat him to the punch.

While Boisture will be playing his senior year at Saline, he played his junior year at Goodrich High School and is transferring because his family moved. He led Goodrich to a 10-1 record last season, losing to Marshall in the second round of the Division 4 state playoffs. The reality is that Boisture didn't face the same level of competition in the Genesee Area Red Conference as he will this year playing teams like Ann Arbor Pioneer, Ann Arbor Huron and Adrian.  

Boisture has amassed his lofty reputation largely based on his performance in summer camps. He sat his entire sophomore season at Goodrich with an injury. But at 6-foot-6 and 200 pounds, he has the stature to be a Big ten quarterback, with the arm to make all the throws, according to media reports.

I haven't seen Boisture play and so I won't pretend to be an expert. But check out this link to see a lot of his highlights from last year. He seems to throw the ball well on the run and can make all the throws, from out, curls, fades, posts, screens and more. At times he holds the ball a little low in the pocket, which likely is a product of him being the tallest player on the field in just about every game. Like most high school quarterbacks he'll have to get accustomed at staying in the pocket a bit longer as well. But at the high school level he certainly seems to have all the tools.

The thing about getting a top-rated QB is that it can often help attract other top recruits, especially on offense. And Boisture, like Andrew Marshall, is a pro-style QB, something fewer college teams seem to recruit these days with the growth of spread offenses. That could give MSU a huge advantage moving forward as schools in the Big Ten and around the country continue to fight for the spread option QBs while the Spartans crank out guys who run offenses similar to what the NFL uses. 

You could say that Boisture and William Gholston may be two of the biggest recruits MSU has had in years. Edwin Baker of course could be in that category as well, as could Iowa offensive lineman David Barrent. What do you think are some of the biggest needs for the 2009-2010 recruiting class now and what does your gut tell you about who will be the starting MSU quarterback the next 2-3 years?



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