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August 12, 2009

Dahlman vs. Dahlman

Right now, all Spartan fans are excited by the upcoming football season and Joe Rexrode and the other Bleeding Green bloggers are doing a fantastic job of keeping us updated on all of the daily news.

For those of you who thirst for other MSU sports news, my peep and mole (sorry, but I don't have the influence yet for multiple sources) inform me that MSU will be hosting Wofford this December in a college basketball game.  The interesting point here is that Isaiah Dahlman's brother, Noah, plays for the Wofford team.  It will be the first time that the two brothers have ever faced each other in organized competition.

This game is another indication of the effort Coach Izzo puts forth to emphasize family in the program.  Games at the Palace, in Grand Rapids and now this game show the coach is very aware of the importance of keeping the program exposed to all the fans in the State, and making it possible for the players to perform before their families whenever  feasible.  Hats off to Coach Izzo for bringing the Dahlman family together and enabling all Spartan fans to watch it.



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