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December 26, 2009

Seeking "Spartan of the Year" nominations....

Since we are nearing the end of the year, it is time for our first annual "Spartan of the Year" award. This award will go to the Spartan that has exhibited outstanding Spartan Spirit over an extended period of time. Current athletes, while not excluded, will be considered in April for our "Spartan Athlete of the Year" award.

Please nominate an individual that you think has exhibited a strong Spartan Spirit and has been supportive of the world's finest educational institution, Michigan State University.

I would like to start by nominating Vicki L. White, mother of Blair White. Ms. White, an outstanding Spartan athlete in her own right,  has exhibited great Spartan Spirit by encouraging her son to attend MSU. When Blair expressed an interest in going to a school in Ann Arbor some years ago, Ms. White responded by saying "good luck paying for that". Way to go Vicki showing great Spartan Spirit!

I'll try to send the nominator and or winner of this Award a shirt or something-  My wife has some left over inventory of our buy out of Steve and Barry's collegiate store.

Make sure you give the proper name and reason for the nomination. I know there is alot of Green Blood out there, so give it your best shot!


Steve in Flatwoods, Kentucky



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