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March 22, 2010

A 'Sweet' Little Tribute

After all the excitement following Sunday's thriller against Maryland, I decided to put together a little slide-show to the tune of a song you just might recognize ...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened in that last thirty seconds of action yesterday afternoon. Thanks to Northern Iowa, I'm now going to have to create a new bracket as MSU can't run through Kansas anymore ... (oh darn ...). And to those of you who doubted my prediction, all I can say is, my final four is still very much intact ... how is your bracket doing?

Obviously Kalin didn't shine against Maryland as I had hoped (in fact, through some horrid bit of a coincidence, the worst of the imaginable came true) but I still believe this team has the mindset and determination to pull off a run to the Final Four ... even with Kalin rooting from the bench. What better way could Korey Lucious have stepped into Kalin's shoes than to carry the weight of the team on his shoulders and send them into the Sweet 16 as time expired?

Something tells me Lucious is more than ready to take this team into St. Louis ... confidence-wise, that is. 

We shall see come Friday ...

In the meantime, enjoy the slide-show below ... !

And here is the youtube video version of the slideshow below! The only downside is that I was not able to include the pan and zooms that were featured in the original slideshow, but the picture and audio quality match the original perfectly! Enjoy! (you can now share this video directly on a social networking site such as Facebook, as some of you have requested! The URL for the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR12cmAfaXk)



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