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March 29, 2010

Izzo to Oregon? Don't bet on it

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that the University of Oregon plans to pitch a very lucrative deal to Tom Izzo, intending to lure him out of Spartan country and into the land of the Duck

My advice to you as a Spartan fan?

Don’t read too into it.

Izzo watches highlights vs. Tennessee

 Tom Izzo watches as highlights from the Tennessee game are displayed on the jumbotron

I have three reasons that will tell you why Izzo won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

1.    Ruptured Achilles Tendon

2.    Torn Meniscus

3.    Torn Ligament

Those are the three injuries that Kalin Lucas, Delvon Roe and Chris Allen are dealing with right now … and two of the players, Roe and Allen, are still playing every minute they can heading into the final four.

These players have literally been tearing themselves apart to bring the team, Izzo and the rest of Spartan Nation another National Championship. 

Kalin talks to reporters at the Breslin pep rally

Kalin Lucas at the Breslin Center welcomed by fans, wearing a beautiful necklace ..

Izzo shed tears when he knew Kalin was lost for the season. He calls Roe, who hid his injury from Izzo for the majority of the season, the toughest player he’s coached since Mateen Cleaves. And Allen just revealed after Sunday’s victory that his sprained arch is not a sprain at all, but rather, a torn ligament. 

Izzo knows how much pain his guys are going through; although they seem to be doing everything they can to hide it from him. When you have players like that, that play until their legs fall out from under them, that won’t quit until the final buzzer has sounded, it is a huge reflection of the coach they play for. 

That coach is Tom Izzo. 

They've given everything they can. Izzo will give that and more. 

They simply won't get off the court. And he's not about to abandon them either.

With a team and program on the verge of winning a national championship, if not this year, then within the next three, Izzo will remain a Spartan. 

You really think he’d pack up his things, relocate his family and leave these kind of players behind simply because Phil Knight (founder of Nike) is willing to sign a big fat check with his name on it?

Give me a break.

It’s a waste of time to even think about the issue. If Izzo was after the money, he would have left for the NBA years ago. 

If anything, the only thing that will come of this is Michigan State may be pressured into increasing Izzo’s salary here at State. But in my opinion, I think he deserves a raise anyway …



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