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March 09, 2010

855 Days ... and Counting!

As the final game of the regular season concluded Sunday evening for the Michigan State Spartans men's basketball team, one could find themselves celebrating this well deserved victory for a number of reasons. For instance, you might have raised a glass to the Spartans' second consecutive Big 10 championship. Or maybe you opened a place in your heart for the three seniors who walked off the Breslin Center court a final time. OR ... perhaps you found the nearest die-hard Wolverine fan and whispered this little number into his or her ear ... 855 ...

Oops, make that 857 ... and counting.

855 days 2

You might discover that your "little whisper" sounds more like a satisfying shout of "little sister," breaking the twilight silence of shadows fallen. But go ahead ... enjoy it. 

CBS did. 

Sunday's victory marked the 855th straight day of Spartan dominance over the Michigan Football and Basketball programs. And unless the Wolverines plan on making history this weekend, that number will stretch to at least 1,070 come October 9th when the Spartans march back into Ann Arbor in effort to win a third consecutive time. 

There is no guarantee this number will continue to grow beyond that date, but what IS for certain is that there are at least 214 more days for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the fact that a Wolverine victory is indeed a very distant thing of the past. 

October 9th isn't a holiday by any means, but when that football game ends at the Big House this fall it will surely be celebrated like one. 

As to who will be celebrating, that's what the comment section below this blog entry is for.

So until that day arrives, you have a little more than 200 days to rub it in if you so please. If you find you need to deliver a little "smack talk" to one of your Wolverine buddies, just take one look at the picture above. It's worth much more than just 1,000 words. 

Arrogance isn't a trait I like to wear on my sleeve, but sometimes it's necessary (or just too much fun) to send a taste of one's own medicine 65.5 miles southeast to a land where a Wolverine victory seems hard to come by these days. 

And if you find yourself longing for a little more relevant Spartan-Wolverine clashing and bashing (or perhaps have some Olympic withdrawal) stop by Munn Ice Arena this weekend. The Wolverines are making a rare post-season visit to East Lansing in an attempt to make the NCAA tournament by upsetting the #11(USA Today/USA Hockey Men's Rankings) Spartans and earning a trip to the CCHA finals at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit (Spartans own the season advantage 3-1).

According to some, it may be "great to be a Michigan Wolverine," but in the words of MSU Spartan Marching Band Director John T. Madden - 

"I'd rather lose a Spartan than win as anything else ..." 

However, my guess is it's been a while since he's used that quote.

And hopefully, he won't have to use it anytime soon.

Go get em boys! The ice is a callin'! 



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