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Early Spring Foraging

Dandelions are coming on--now is the time to harvest tender young shoots for a nutty treat similar to mache.  Raspberries canes growing along the easement of an abandoned home?  It may be too early for berries, but the fresh green leaves make great tea--tasty for all, especially beneficial for the ladies.


/\ Weedy patches like this can still yield edible biomass for discerning gourmands.

\/ Shred raspberry leaves just before using, and steep at least 3-5 minutes for tea. Leaves dry well for storage.


The garlic you planted last fall (you planted garlic last fall, right!?!) is coming up.  Fiending for garlic flavor now?  Garlic chives are fleshing out and offer a great bite until the scapes of your "real" garlic are ready for trimming. 


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Been out diggin up fiddleheads and wild leeks here in the north country. Soon it will be Morel season as well.

looking for local mid-michigan mushrooms? It's madness, but March is the new May: see http://noise.typepad.com/dig_in/2010/03/march-madness.html

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