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REALLY Raised Beds


Volunteers and AmeriCorp members help construct REALLY raised beds at the Hunter Park GardenHouse Saturday (above).

Below:  This traditional design was executed with all cedar lumber thanks to a grant and exhaustive comparison shopping on hardware and wood.


Above: Carrots grow next to the REALLY raised beds.  At center is one design.  To the right is an alternative that allows for wheelchair users to get their legs under the bed like a desk!

Many people helped with constructing and installing the beds.  It took a lot of leveling, both of the beds and the pavers... (below).

Bed2 Chris and john

Construction close up

Above:  Lag bolts were all partially set before the final tightening to ensure a consistent fit.

Below:  Lots more was happening at the GardenHouse (as always), including maintaining beds for their CSA and other uses.  The Garden House hosts an open drop-in for garden discussion every Sunday at 12:30 pm.


Jared Patrick

Below, bed designer Jared Talaga (seated) thanks all who helped with the installation.


The GardenHouse is a great place to nurture seedlings and friendships.  Check it out in Hunter Park on Lansing's East side.




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REally raised beds are a great idea. I don't know why more people use them. I may give it a go this summer.

Hi there! I am actually very interested in one thing, of course if I'm not asking too much could you be so kind and please share with us your place of origin?

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