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Ripe Mulberry Tree On the River Trail, While Supplies Last

Just off Aurelius north of Mt. Hope, park at the river trailhead and pick away.

What's your too-good not-to-share street tree?  I've already told you about the cherry tree next to the Soup Spoon Cafe and the apple trees scattered around.  Local foraging is a taste of what grows without a lot of 'help' from us--the sort of species that form the basis of a stable ecosystem of native plants.

Lots of yards in Lansing have raspberries or other perennial fruit crops like currants.

By balancing the timing of various perennials with good use and storage of annual vegetables, you can enhance your diet and save money and the world.  What's not to like?

For some perennials, check out fall neighborhood plant swaps or contact The Garden Project at 517-853-7809 and inquire about perennials.




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