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Fair Farm Bill Campaign

Food & Water Watch's Fair Farm Bill campaign seeks to apply pressure to U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) to use her power as the chair of the senate agriculture committee to fund the USDA to permit enforcement of the farm bill and its 'fair farm' provisions.  A few dozen committed people gathered Tuesday at the Downtown Library for a kickoff meeting.

The event was coordinated by grassroots organizer Katie Barzee.  As a trainee with Green Corps, she is working to organize support for fair market conditions for small- and mid-sized farmers here in Michigan and across the nation.
Barzee released the following statement:  
"Right now, our country’s food system is broken. A few large companies, like Cargill and Monsanto, control every part of our food system, squeezing consumers anddriving out small and mid-sized farmers.
"We all have the right to safe, healthy food. This year, we have a chance to make sure the USDA implements the 2008 Fair Farm Rules, which level the playing field forsmall and mid-sized farmers, giving consumers access to safer, more sustainable food.


"Right now, Senator Stabenow is on the fence on this issue. We need your help to make sure she stands up to big agribusiness— and stands up for small farmers, consumers and the environment."
To learn more about how you can get involved, contact Katie Barzee of Food & Water Watch at katiebarzee@gmail.com


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