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Requiem for a Tree

Ah, memories.  In the early days of this blog, one of my first posts was about the ephemeral gifts of the magnificent tart cherry tree growing along Michigan Avenue two blocks east of Sparrow hospital.

(You can read the post here.)

That tree is no more.  When the long-vacant brick building on the property was being demolished last week, a section of wall seemed to be temporarily protecting the tree from the big diggers excavating and flattening the site.  Temporarily, indeed.  By the time crews were done, nothing remained on the lot but lawn, a parking lot and a building site.  Compare to another local institutional behemoth, MSU, which goes to great lengths to protect every last valuable tree on a construction site.   Sparrow, take a cue from the Spartans and leave us our neighborhood tree treasures as you reshape the 'hood.

Image from Google Maps showing the now-demolished building with cherry tree at right.


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NO!! Aw, man... that's Rotten! A big Bronx Cheer to Sparrow...

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