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Beginning Farmers Blog shares inside perspective

Check out a fascinating first-person inside look at the vibrancy of the small- and community-farm revitalization movement.  Local dynamo Alex Bryan sheds some light on what it's really like to chase the community agriculture dream with this guest post from Beginning Farmers.



The Year in Food: 2011-2012 Photojournal

This winter has alternated between sudden snows and surprisingly warm, wet conditions.

Digging these Jerusalem artichokes was easy as late as November, though the ground stayed soft through December.

Getting out for some sun and exercise in the winter, and working up an appetite for hearty root vegetables.

Fall greens and mature lettuces thrived as a long, mild autumn did not succumb to any sudden fall frosts.


Welcome visitors to the garden were 'spotted' on these lemongrass transplants brought inside for the winter.

All photos (c) 2012 Gabriel Biber

Gabriel Biber

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