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Summer Falling Away

I am looking SO forward to the Fall. The cooler evenings and mornings lately have me getting excited for crunchy leaves, crisp breezes, pumpkins...all leading into the Holidays and my favorite time of year. I've been taking stock of my summer, and getting my fall goals in order...a couple 5K's, a 5-mile road race, and maybe learning to snowshoe if we get enough snow this year. What about y'all?

We had such a bizarre Spring with the excessive rain and cold temps, then the summer hit us hard with extreme heat only to be followed with massive rain that is extremely uncommon this time of year in Michigan. Despite the rain and the green of summer still clinging to our landscapes here in Lansing, Fall is creeping in- I noticed some trees along Moore's River Drive that have already given up their leaves and covered the sidewalk with their brown, crispy carpet. It's been a little easier to run for me without dealing with the high heat, although the sun still burns a bit if you stand in its direct rays.

Like it or not, summer is getting ready to pack it in, and I love this time of year because it gives me a chance to embrace everything that is a new possibility with the changing of the seasons. I tend to feel a little more emotional, a little more reflective at the end of summer as I go over the past months. It will be hard to say goodbye to summer's golden evenings and warmth, but fall and winter with their unique opportunities to learn and find joy in simple things lie just beyond our grasp.


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I am so ready for fall - I love this time of year. Frankly, I was glad that the end of August didn't bring on the humidity and high temps as I only tolerate summer when it is less humid and hits the high 70's/low 80's... :)

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