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The Gluten Experiment

I've been eating a gluten free diet now for nearly 7 years, with the last 4 years being in strict compliance. My entire life I had suffered debilitating migraine headaches that disappeared when I went gluten free, and the memories I had of being in the pain and misery of a full-fledged migraine was enough to scare me off wheat flour and baked goods for life. Recently though, I've been struck with a bizarre urge to try a little bit of an experiment.

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Long Drive

I recently drove from Lansing to Escanaba, MI with my husband. It always astonishes me at how quickly we can reach the Mackinac Bridge heading straight north on 27, and as soon as we cross it I feel like I'm in a different world. I love the visiting UP, but seeing much of its untouched wilderness requires lengthy drives that can often lead to serious discomfort in the car, so I've perfected a series of stretches that most anyone can do while sitting in the passenger seat.

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Late Harvest

I was astonished last week when I visited my much-negleected community garden plot and found several quarts of ripe grape tomatoes, several large eggplants, and a huge shrub of a hot pepper plant growing happily as if it were mid-June. Just when I thought the whole space had been devoured by weeds and unruly Morning Glory plants I put in, I discovered a hidden treasure of late-season bounty.

The weather has been very bizarre and hot, and I have also neglected some of my Fall-time scheduled events like canning and drying and pickling because I seem to be in some type of denial about the coming Winter. Unlike nearly everyone I have talked to this past week, I do not like this heat and wish it would get cold and stay cold, so we can hurry up and get snow for Christmas! Either way, wearing shorts and sandals for a few days instead of fleece has somehow reset my body into Summer-mode, not cold-weather mode.

I picked as many tomatoes as I could carry home and froze them, along with roasting some of my eggplant and enjoyed the delicious sweetness of fresh-picked produce once more, as my opportunities to do so are going to be getting slimmer and slimmer in the next few weeks. I spent a few minutes just sitting in my garden plot, among the rotten tomatoes that had over-ripened and fell to the earth, becoming a buffet for a myriad of insects. I watched some leaves be relinquished from a nearby tree and watched a fat honeybee collect some late-season pollen from my perennial sage. I was happy to simply be there in my weedy garden, in the sunshine, taking a little time to slow down and truly experience the moment I was in before being swept up into the changing season.


2-Year Anniversary

Well, my 2-year anniversary of having a dead person's kidney stuck into my body is upon me again. When I mentioned the upcoming date to my closest friends and family, they immediately started reminiscing about what they remembered most about the 11-day stretch I spent in the hospital trying to get well enough to come home. For me, the date bears acknowledgement, but most of what I remember I'd like to forget.

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Lightening In a Bottle

When I took chemistry in college, I was just about the worst student my professor had ever had. I couldn't understand a word he said, so I took on a tutor, who also vexed me with the strange language of mathematics for an entire semester to almost no avail. Randomly, I hit a stretch about 6 weeks from the final where the eqautions made sense to me- and I was confounded. Elated, but confounded. And, like most lightening in a bottle, my stretch of understanding flashed brightly and briefly but somehow left me yearning for more. I apparently have caught my running 'lightening in a bottle'.

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Learning Ayurveda

This week my husband and I committed to 5 days of eating specialized meals chosen from the practice of Ayurveda. This ancient form of natural medicine has its roots in India, and uses food as a healing modality. I've been interested in it for some time, and was finally ready to commit this year to a plan that would support my digestion and internal organs as my body makes the transition from Summer to Fall, and finally on to Winter.

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