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Ugh! Here it is, about to be Thanksgiving already. I love Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the holiday 'hustle and bustle', but it can be difficult to simply enjoy the busy energy of the season without taking on extra stress and negativity.

I had a heated conversation with my mother this morning about our planned Thanksgiving dinner, and who was making what, etc etc. We argued a bit, and both of us hung up feeling frustrated and upset. I considered our argument well into the afternoon, and called her back to see if we could make amends. Unfortunately, we still couldn't see eye-to-eye, and although some wind had gone out of our sails a bit, we both were still irritated.

Then I saw a message from my husband's sister that his young cousin, who has been fighting cancer for 2 years, is scheduled to lose that battle tomorrow afternoon. After numerous attempts to clear her lungs have failed and left her gasping for breath, her family and doctors have decided to remove her from her ventilator and allow her to rest peacefully. She's 21. Suddenly my argument with my mom over who will cook the turkey seems ludicrous at best.

After reading the message, I decided it didn't matter who was cooking the damn turkey at all, or whether there even was a turkey. That I had my loved ones around me to share my day with tomorrow and on Thanksgiving is plenty.


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