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Run, You Turkey!

I've finally broken my husband down to the point at which he has given up fighting me about running. He's given several really ridiculous excuses (he has an 'addicitive personality' and thinks he will get addicted to running and lose all his free time), claimed his knees hurt too much when he has run in the past, and flat out refused. But now, he has finally realized: resisitance is futile. He signed up for his first 5K last week.

I ran Lansing's annual Turket Trot last Thanksgiving for the first time as my 3rd-ever attempt at running. I finished in 40:05, so naturally I want to replace that time this year with a new, faster finish. A PR (personal record) would be a great way to start what is sure to be a great Holiday season, but to have Jake running with me is icing on the cake. To make it even better, my brother and his girlfriend from Madison, WI will be home for dinner and will be participating in the race too, so we're just gonna be a bunch of running fools on November 24th!

I give Jake a lot of credit for being willing to get out there and even attempt a 5K, when most people (myself included) could never see themselves as runners if they didn't run in high school or college. I'm hoping he gets past the 'hater' phase of being a newbie and enjoys the race so much he'll want to continue running with me, along with reaping some great health benefits along the way. I also hope that anyone out htere considering the race goes for it- it's a ton of fun, and it's a good way to, if nothing else, burn off some extra calories to make room for all that eating we'll do later in the day!


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