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A Special Kind of Magic

Bah Humbug! My Christmas spirit has diminished considerably, due in part to the absolutely ridiculous weather we're having- no snow on the ground not only 'feels' less Christmas-y, it looks less Christmas-y. But I feel a distinct lack of Christmas Magic this year that I've never felt before.

Maybe I just miss the snowy Christmas-es of my youth... When sledding and snowman-building wore us out, we kids would tramp into a warm kitchen scented with Swiss Miss Mini Marshamallow Hot Chocolate and sip the sticky mess while helping Mom string lights on our plastic tree. I was fortunate enough to have a woodstove in my house as a kid, too, so if we were tired of helping with decorations we would head to the basement and fall asleep with the cat on the corduroy chair as the stove crackled and glowed a dim red.

On Christmas Eve we would get dressed up and head to Grandpa's house for Family Christmas, where cheeseballs, peanut butter buckeyes, and  pigs-in-a-blanket were abundant. We'd play pool downstairs until present time, then go to the Candlelight service at church, mouthing along with 'Stille Nacht' and admiring the beauty of the congregation's many candles. Finally, my brother and I would drag ourselves to bed once home, exhausted from the night, and fall asleep with that special magic of Santa pulling at the edges of our minds, even when we were old enough to know that Mom put the gifts under the tree.

How do I get that magic back? Somehow, I got older and more worried. We've no snow to play in, I've become allergic to Swiss Miss, and my little brother will be with in-laws in Texas this year. I suppose Christmas is what you make it- despite changing weather and schedules and diets and bedtimes. Looking to this weekend, I will make this Christmas a celebration of new and old, of family that is here and those far away, and of the time spent with loved ones. I suppose this year, I will need to make my own Christmas Magic.


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