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Big Plans

Whether or not Spring is officially on its way has yet to be determined, but I think plants, pets, and people alike are rearing to go at the drop of the words "Sunny and a high of 50 degrees"! This winter has been so mild it scarcely felt as dreary and long as usual, and although I fully acknowledge that we could still get a foot of snow, I am getting excited about warmer temps and making grandiose plans along with the best of them.

I spent last weekend on a road trip with my dragon boat team (you should check it out- Team Dragonheart is looking for new members!) and something about traveling always gets me thinking about possibilities, so upon my return home I immediately registered for DALMAC and booked a flight to Florida, eager to kick off my spring/summer training for races, bike tours, and dragon boat regattas. I was so excited about upcoming events I momentarily forgot I was only a few weeks away from running my first half marathon, and reminded myself I should stay focused...as it warms up it can be so easy to get swept up in the blooming energy of the season.

What are your big plans for the spring? Are you looking ahead to your first 5K? Maybe you vowed back in January that you would race in Hawk Island's annual Triathlon- is your bike tuned up yet? Whatever it is you're waiting for warm weather to get started on, I have a feeling you should get lined up at the blocks, because the budding Willow trees along the Grand have already broken bud, and are heralding the season's change to come very, very soon.


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Already making plans for horse shows; problem is, the associations that are putting on the shows haven't updated their websites yet -argh!

There will be a person to spirit, stand up to it, your work is very beautiful, worthy of praise, let us together for the good life hard!

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