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Big Plans

Whether or not Spring is officially on its way has yet to be determined, but I think plants, pets, and people alike are rearing to go at the drop of the words "Sunny and a high of 50 degrees"! This winter has been so mild it scarcely felt as dreary and long as usual, and although I fully acknowledge that we could still get a foot of snow, I am getting excited about warmer temps and making grandiose plans along with the best of them.

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I lost sight of my desire to get better in regards to my food addiction this week and went on a little binge, and I'm trying hard to not make a second mistake of mentally battering myself about eating junk food when I knew I shouldn't have. The first trap I fell into was allowing negative mental behavior to rule my eating habits; it is amazing how mental landscape can shape our every action.

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I once read an article that said being sleep deprived is similar to being drunk, and I believe it. I'm running on about 5 hours of sleep today, and I know I've made some decisions that I normally wouldn't if I were properly rested- yet another testament to how immensely important sleep is for us to function.

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The Card

While staying with friends, I noticed a card taped to the wall across from the toilet in their bathroom. It said 'fear keep us from doing many things we dream of in life'. The card went on to give examples of excuses we use, like having no time, money, or experience, and how to live our dreams we must dispel fear, and expect more of ourselves. I have thought about that card and what it said for 2 weeks now.

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The Practice

I've successfully made it through another week of practicing Self Love. It must work exponentially, because it seems that reversing even the tiniest of negative thinking brings a flood of joy into my every mundane task, be it taking out the trash or sweeping my kitchen floor.

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