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My husband is a rock climber, and he has this climbing video called 'Committed'. That about sums up what the footage is...a handful of amazing, world-class climbers accomplishing amazing feats of strength, pain thresholds, and sweat. Some days I ask myself how committed I am to achieving my goals.

Committed is eating a pile of broccoli for dinner when you'd rather order a pizza. It's forcing yourself to measure out how many chips, how much peanut butter, how many slices and eating just one serving. Committed is dragging your tired, sore, aching body to the gym and getting it done, no excuses. It is reading and watching and learning from the best you can find to correct that form and use muscles that are used to slacking off, even if the rest of the class isn't. Committed is knowing you can't keep up this pace forever, but going as long and hard as you can, taking a break, and getting right back into it. Committed is not allowing negativity to own your mind or body.

Committed is facing your deepest fears every step of the way. Committed is going on when everyone else has quit, given up, and called you crazy. Committed is owning that finish line, whatever it looks like, and staying focused on your goal.

Committed is getting off the couch and doing it, right now.


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Awesome post, Anna! Committed is tough. I hear you on that one for sure, but it is knowing that there is a pay off as well. I always get inspired watching people who have a level of commitment that is higher than my own (because I definitely do waiver on it). I guess if it was easy, though, everyone would do it and then it wouldn't mean as much, right?

I love this!

I love the "Make a Damn Movie" posters! Good luck to all the participants!

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