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The End is Near

Well I heard last week that this blog was getting the axe. Blogging isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world- I considered just letting the the thing die a quiet, dignified death and utilize my extra 2 hours a week doing something productive like vacuming my house or doing laundry before my husband and I run out of socks. But, I sensed that my sea of dedicated fans that scramble to read my blather each week might be concerned if they didn't hear the ending of my latest non-fiction, so I've moved this blog to a new location with the same name. Fear not, fans- I won't leave you with a cliff-hanger!

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Double Digits

I hit a major running milestone yesterday when I completed my first double digit mileage: 10 miles on the River Trail. When I arrived home afterwards, I was sore but feeling good and smiling, and barefoot- nothing feels as good as bare feet after a long, hard run on concrete. I walked in my front door and found myself abnormally chatty with my husband, who was searching for my tell-tale signs of hunger/exhaustion/fatigue that often sets in- I figured I was just a little loopy from being on the move for nearly 2 straight hours.

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Smoothie Moves

I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to get into smoothies, but I'm just now discovering how delicious, varied, and easy these liquid meals can be. Long touted in the fitness world as a healthy alternative, many commercially produced smoothies are still packed with sugar, fat, and highly-processed powders, not to mention the gargantuan sizes offered, eliminating any shred of a 'healthy alternative' that might have once existed. Making them at home solves most of these problems, but easy as they may seem, all the ingredients and options seemed intimidating to me...until I found a magical smoothie website.

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Yeah Baby!

I've found myself in the baby aisle at the grocery store lately. No, I'm not dreaming of having children- I'm 32, content with being childless, and frankly I find babies to be wet, slimy, dirty germ magnets. I've been browsing the new brands of baby food lately because I"ve discovered they are the perfect workout foods.

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