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Smoothie Moves

I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to get into smoothies, but I'm just now discovering how delicious, varied, and easy these liquid meals can be. Long touted in the fitness world as a healthy alternative, many commercially produced smoothies are still packed with sugar, fat, and highly-processed powders, not to mention the gargantuan sizes offered, eliminating any shred of a 'healthy alternative' that might have once existed. Making them at home solves most of these problems, but easy as they may seem, all the ingredients and options seemed intimidating to me...until I found a magical smoothie website.

Of all places, Men's Health magazine offers a cool search tool online to help pick what type of smoothie I want to make, depending on what time of day and what activity level I'm approaching. I love it. It has annoying names for the smoothies, but it still uses everyday ingredients like fresh fruits and yogurt that make the recipes seem very accessible.

My favorite part of the smoothie selector tool? Some of the recipes use ice cream as an ingredient! Uh, I don't know about everyone else, but any excuse I get to eat ice cream for breakfast and still consider the thing "healthy" I'm taking it and running with it- literally! Other fun, yummy options like York Peppermint Patties are also used, which breaks up the possibility of mundane-ness if you can't see yourself eating strawberry-banana shakes for weeks on end.

Put to the physical test earlier this week, both Jake (my husband) and I felt like we had enough to go on with a simple smoothie before a tough workout at the gym. We arrived back home after our gym sessions with enough clarity of mind to make decent breakfast choices, instead of our usual ravaged foraging of whatever we could find, be it potato chip or otherwise, in the fridge or pantry. Try the search tool yourself this weekend and see how it works- personally I love it, and am thrilled to be arriving in the smoothie scene at last, albeit a bit late.

Men's Health Smoothie Selector Tool


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