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The End is Near

Well I heard last week that this blog was getting the axe. Blogging isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world- I considered just letting the the thing die a quiet, dignified death and utilize my extra 2 hours a week doing something productive like vacuming my house or doing laundry before my husband and I run out of socks. But, I sensed that my sea of dedicated fans that scramble to read my blather each week might be concerned if they didn't hear the ending of my latest non-fiction, so I've moved this blog to a new location with the same name. Fear not, fans- I won't leave you with a cliff-hanger!

My half marathon is 5 weeks out- May 26- and I had a pretty rough week this past week. I was sore, tight, tired, and cranky. I only ran twice, and I took a lot of naps. What is hard to understand (for me, too!) is that the rest I was forced into is actually going to make me a better, stronger athlete. It doesn't feel like it when I'm in my sweatpants at home, eating ganache frosting out of the container with a spoon, but I'm keeping the faith that taking a slow rest week will do me and my body some decent good.

After last weekend's big 10-miler, I was on Cloud 9. I felt awesome, and was confident I was going to do so well at Bayshore that I decided I would run a full marathon before the end of 2012. Well, then I had a busy week and my training run on Tuesday was a little tougher than it should have been, and Wednesday I couldn't really get out of bed so I walked instead of hitting the gym, and by Friday running was out of the question because I was exhausted. Gee, maybe it was all those miles the past 3 weeks???

I've given myself until Tuesday to get back in the saddle. I've slept in, taken naps, and eaten chocolate with reckless abandon. I'll be rested and ready to take on the final stretch of my training and meet those 13 miles head-on with a big sily grin pasted across my face.


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