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Yeah Baby!

I've found myself in the baby aisle at the grocery store lately. No, I'm not dreaming of having children- I'm 32, content with being childless, and frankly I find babies to be wet, slimy, dirty germ magnets. I've been browsing the new brands of baby food lately because I"ve discovered they are the perfect workout foods.

I spent nearly 2 hours running 8 miles this past weekend, and I expect I'll finish my half marathon in 2.5 hours or so. Most likely I'll need to fuel my body on some type of easy-to-digest food...enter my new favorite running food: Ella's Kitchen Baby Puree! I know it is a little weird, but it works. Pureed fruit, vegetable, and rice with not a single added ingredient make these little pouches easy to get in the mouth and into the belly without stopping my activity.

I've also found that the dyes added to sports drinks like Gatorade often irritates my stomach as well, so I've turned to the flavorless, clear electrolyte replacer Pedialyte- also found in the baby section! I've been eyeing the fruit snacks and such too, but many baby and toddler items still have gluten, so they're off-limits for this runner. I've been running for just over a year, and am elated to discover this new plethora of options, many sans the preservatives and extra processing that adult sports mutrition items contain, and many at half the price as well!


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