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Perspective: one's "point of view", the choice of a context for opinions, beliefs and experiences

Perspective may tell you that a young man walking down the street with his pants sagging and wearing a hoodie means that he is going to rob a house. Perspective may tell you that a man sworn to protect a neighborhood has the right to protect by any means necessary. Perspective may tell you that the media’s coverage is slanted to favor the young man or the watchmen. Perspective may tell you that this is a racially motivated crime or it may tell you that this is just about protection. 

What does perspective say about being unarmed? If you were walking down the street and a man was starring at you and then chased you holding a gun what would be your point of view? If you were trying to protect your neighborhood and thought you saw a young man who looked suspicious what then would be your point of view? Would it make a difference if as the young man you were black or white? What about if you were the watch person would race play a factor if you were opposite the suspect? What is the victim was a young black girl? What if the victim was a young white girl and what if the watch person was the opposite? 

The nation is up in arms right now and it is not going to change until our collective perspectives change. The type of clothes you wear does not create or change the person you are inside. The color of your skin or hair does not determine who you are or what you do. No one has the right to profile anyone despite the fact that almost all of us do it. However we as a nation do need to hold people accountable for the things that they do.

Even though it is not the opinion of this paper and it is mine and mine alone I will say this. Black, white or other the thought that a young unarmed person can be chased at gun point and killed and the person responsible can still be free makes me very angry. It sends a very clear message that no one is safe. According to what we know, there were no other weapons. According to what we know, the only things recovered were a drink, some candy and a gun. The watchman says the gun was his. With this being the case there is no reason there should be a dead young person. There is no reason they should have engaged at all and there is no reason an arrest shouldn’t have been made.
It’s not about the hoodie and it’s not about the houses being robbed. It’s about profiling which makes it racial and it’s about excessive use of force which is criminal. It also calls into question what the police were doing. But we need to keep in mind that the actions of one watch person or one police company are not the actions of all. 

This can be a way to tear our nation apart or help to put it back together. What is going to be our next move? Are we going to start condemning those around us that we feel are guilty by skin association? Are we going to start profiling those in similar power positions and deem them at fault? Are we going to stay angry and stop pushing the issue of justice? 

What is your perspective? How would you handle this if it were your child? How will you instruct your children to stay safe should they encounter this? What if they have to deal with this and race is an issue, what should they do? Last what is your perspective on the questions asked? Would you know if they are being asked if your child were the young man or the watchmen...


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This blog is consistently terrible. The clown can't write to save his life and there's obviously no one editing the thing. A little effort would be nice.

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