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April 21, 2007

Spring football

It's over. And boy, was it long. Now I have a request.

I assume some of you were among the 25,000 or so at Spartan Stadium today. So post your observations, please. I have to admit, I didn't get a lot out of the spring game. (Except for my time on the field with Mark Dantonio, listening in to his headset, something he allowed all of us media types to do for a few minutes. Let me tell you, that Pat Narduzzi is even wilder when he's coming through in stereo).

But the game? It's hard to evaluate the offensive line when half of it is on one team and half on the other. I figure some of you were looking at specific things, though, so post away. I'll wrap up spring football as a whole with an analysis Tuesday, and then it'll be a long, long time until we talk pigskin again.



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