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April 15, 2007

Wrapping it all up

From 10 a.m. at Spartan Stadium to 9:30 p.m. at Highland Park High (with the Tigers' rousing comeback win on the radio in between), much has been seen and heard today.

There isn't much else to say on the football scrimmage that wasn't said here earlier or will be in Sunday's LSJ. Outside of the stats and the standouts, one thing that interested me was the variety of the offense. Lots of one-back, three- and four-wide sets mixed in with the standard pro-set look. If MSU gets Mike Gyetvai back at left tackle, stays healthy and blocks this year, it should be able to score points. The skill guys are there.

As for hoops tonight, I saw a lot of interesting stuff at PrepSpotlight's all-star extravaganza. But I'm just too tired to go into detail right now. I'll break it all down here Monday. The big newsmaker, of course, is Delvon Roe, who lived up to the hype tonight with an assortment of explosions to the basket. He'll be a very nice asset for MSU hoops in the years to come -- I mean, uh, if he picks MSU, that is.



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