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May 10, 2008

Keith Nichol a free agent again

Once freshman QB Sam Bradford started lighting it up for Oklahoma last fall, the rumors started floating. Keith Nichol, the one-time MSU verbal commitment who switched to Oklahoma after John L. Smith was fired, would be transferring from Norman.

    That was finally made official Friday. Wisconsin was the destination school that accompanied most of those rumors in the fall, but Nichol hasn't decided yet. Could it be Michigan State? Don't count on it. Michigan? Well, why not? Nichol is a dual-threat guy who likes the spread offense, and he's talented enough for Rich Rodriquez to go "pass spread" and still be able to use the option.
    U-M has a couple heralded QB commitments for 2009, but if Nichol wants to play at the highest level, he's going to find good competition. From speaking with his dad a few times, I can tell you that it was tough for the family to see him go all the way from Lowell to Norman, and that proximity will be a factor here.
    Maybe he'll go MAC instead. It's not like you can't make it to the NFL from the MAC. But I think a Big Ten landing is likely. I thought some Michigan State fans were unfairly spiteful toward Nichol when he de-committed from MSU, and I cringe to think of what the reaction might be if he ends up in Ann Arbor.



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