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August 25, 2008

A little tidbit for you

Michigan State's last road win against a Pac-10 team? Try 1957 at Cal.

    Not a lot of chances for MSU since then (nine straight losses, the last at Oregon in 1998), but it's still a pretty good stat for this week, eh?
    Some of you may be wondering about the weekly Monday press conference. It didn't happen today because it has been changed to Tuesdays. Mark Dantonio also will address the media briefly on Sundays (I call it the "divorce rule") to look back at the previous day's game. Notre Dame has a similar set-up, a look back Sunday and a look forward Tuesday.
    So the information will start pouring out Tuesday, including the MSU depth chart for the game. Always a surprise or two with the first depth chart.
    Reminder: Our MSU preview section is out Friday, and it's packed.
    Notice: We're starting a new contest in which you pick 20 college games each week, for a chance to win a prize if you outperform me. Shouldn't be too difficult.

    EDIT NOTE: I originally wrote first Pac-10 "game" since 1957 but changed it to "win." Thank you, John Lewandowski, for the catch. Please be gentle, I have a cold.



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