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August 11, 2008

MSU updates: Diehl done, MLB still open

A week ago, Jason Diehl was moving around well and it looked like he might be able to give it a go, but MSU associate AD John Lewandowski has confirmed that Diehl has decided to end his career. The bad knee just wouldn't cooperate with the massive offensive lineman.

    Another tidbit from today's interview sessions: Pat Narduzzi said Adam Decker, not Greg Jones, started at middle linebacker in the scrimmage. Jones did play there as well. The newcomers competing at the Will spot, Ryan Allison and Brandon Denson, are not playing as well outside as Decker is inside. So if the season started today, it would probably be Jones-Decker-Eric Gordon.
    There's definitely time for that to change, but MSU needs more from Allison/Denson. And Narduzzi clearly is happy with Decker's play. It's safe to assume all five of those guys will get snaps at LB this season.
    Look for more in Tuesday's LSJ. The next media availability is Thursday.



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