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August 26, 2008

Ringer gets his kicks

Javon Ringer is ready. And he's excited about what he expects to be an added responsibility. When Cal kicks off Saturday night, Ringer plans to be on the receiving end.

    "Definitely," he said tonight. "So far I am the No. 1 starter."
    The depth chart has A.J. Jimmerson and Kendell Davis-Clark at kick returner. Mark Dantonio said today that Ringer is a possibility but that it will be a "game-time decision."
    So maybe MSU will end up looking elsewhere, but I doubt it for Saturday. The chance to swing a game with your best player -- after watching Devin Thomas do it over and over again a year ago -- is too valuable to pass up when MSU will need everything at its disposal to beat Cal.
    As the year progresses, I could see MSU switching up and giving Ringer a break. He's going to get an awful lot of work this season. But he's fresh and itching to go right now.
    He was asked tonight about Cal's speed, and if he'd like to see some rain to slow down the field.
    "No, I want them at their best," he said. "I want us at our best. No excuses for this game."



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