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October 19, 2008

Dantonio, 24 hours later

Mark Dantonio said Sunday evening that Brian Hoyer should be healthy and fine to start Saturday at Michigan, and his assessment after breaking down the Ohio State game was no big surprise.

    "I feel like we were physically beaten and mentally beaten and outcoached," Dantonio said.
    And that's about it. The session was a bit shorter than usual and Dantonio doesn't want to talk about Michigan until his news conference on Tuesday. He talked in detail about some of the many things that went wrong against Ohio State, including the tackling.
    Bad technique plus Beanie Wells plus Terrelle Pryor equals a bunch of whiffs.
    Dantonio made special mention of the impressive performance by Kirk Cousins and said his No. 1 concern is getting the players to recover quickly from the first blowout loss they've experienced on his watch.
    In that regard, Michigan is probably coming at a perfect time.



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