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October 21, 2008

The quotable Dantonio

If every week were Michigan week, Mark Dantonio might measure up to such media star coaches as John McKay and Jim Mora.

    Well, those are lofty heights. But he had a lot of interesting things to say today at his weekly presser.
    "The day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived, huh?" he said when he took the podium. "Fire questions at me, recount last year...."
    There was very little talk today about the game itself. It was all off-the-field stuff. Dantonio was asked about ...
    His post-Michigan comments last year: "No I do not regret talking like that, and you know, Big Brother’s watching, so I don’t know."
    Whether he'll use Michigan's "little brother" stuff from a year ago: "Of course, of course I will. We’ll use what we’ve got."
    The 18-year Ann Arbor drought: "There’s a lot of people that haven’t won at Mcihigan. They’ve found a way to win. So we’ll have to find a way to win."
    Last year: "No pun intended, but we were up by 10 with seven minutes to go. And you know what? It isn’t over and it still is not over. They obviously came back and won, they didn’t throw in the towel and I think there’s a message there for all of us. That's the way it should be."
    Warning his own players about bulletin board material: "I like to think that our players are going to handle this in a mature way, but their coach sometimes didn't. Sometimes you get going and it's hard to pull it back. I would like to think we can handle it with class."

     And he left with this: "I can't wait to get to practice today. I can’t wait to have a team meeting today and we are going to get our guys going."

    Dantonio downplayed Brandon Graham's "I don't think we're ever going to lose to State" comments as "pretty soft bulletin board material" and nothing he found offensive.
    He also confirmed that the East Lansing Police investigation of an off-campus fight does involve football players and is "disappointing" to him. The next word on that situation will be when the investigation is complete and a decision is made on charges.
    And the next time Dantonio addresses the media, he'll no doubt be emotional and full of quotes, win or lose Saturday.



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