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March 21, 2009

The NBA question

One of the people Tom Izzo called when he was mulling an offer from the Atlanta Hawks in 2000 was Tim Floyd -- then a former college coach who bolted for the rebuilding Bulls. Also, a guy who had never met Izzo.

    “Stay put” were the two words Floyd remembers telling Izzo.

    “He said, ‘Tom, I am a bad guy to talk to,’” Izzo said Saturday. “I said, ‘Why?’ And he said ‘I just went 50-65’ or something.”
    Floyd is quite happy back in the college game. Izzo, meanwhile was asked if he'd ever consider the NBA again.
    “The word ‘never’ never approaches me,” Izzo said. “But at the same time, there’s some goals I still have in college. Some big-time goals.”
     One goal, really: another national title, which would give him two and Michigan State three.
    “If that was accomplished, who knows what I’d do,” Izzo said. “But that’s where all my thoughts are for the years ahead until I reach that goal.”

    Continued Floyd on Izzo: "That's the first thing I ever told him when I met him. Because he's too great at what he does. And I've been an admirer from afar for a long, long time. And the thing I think is so great about him, nobody ever says anything bad about Tom. Nobody does. I guess maybe the guys at Michigan would. But nobody -- I never hear anybody ever say anything negative about Tom. He is one of the good guys. And he's one hell of a coach."

    There's definitely some mutual respect going on here in Minneapolis. Sunday is going to be very interesting, though, when these guys unleash their teams on each other.



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