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April 16, 2009

Leggett moves ahead

A nugget of news from before today's MSU practice: Mark Dantonio says sophomore Ashton Leggett is distinguishing himself in the four-way spring battle at running back.

    “He’s separated himself a little bit,” Dantonio said of Leggett, who is competing with Andre Anderson, A.J. Jimmerson and Caulton Ray, with freshmen Edwin Baker and Larry Caper set to join the mix in the fall.
    Leggett is the biggest of the backs at 237 pounds, and Dantonio said his ability to break from initial contact has been the difference.
    “At some point in time as a running back you’ve got to be able to break tackles," Dantonio said. "Ashton has shown that.”
    Dantonio also said it's stilll a close race overall. But Leggett is the first guy to emerge. Speaking of running the ball, Dantonio addressed his offhand comment about the "G option" before last week's practice.
    Yes, MSU will run some option. Dantonio has said repeatedly in the past that, with a mobile quarterback, his playbook would expand and include some of that stuff. Kind of like Ohio State's does when Troy Smith or Terrelle Pryor are behind center.
    "There’s opportunities to do some things like that as we move forward,” he said, and that's with Keith Nichol or Kirk Cousins -- who is more mobile than some may realize -- behind center.



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