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April 22, 2009

MSU spring draft, rosters, starters

Here it is, the whole thing, after a much tamer draft than a year ago (Pat Narduzzi and the other assistant coaches were not invited this time around, making for a less trash-talkative atmosphere).

  Here's how it worked. The coaches were split up, and they drafted seniors before Wednesday's draft (Ted Gill picked Trevor Anderson No. 1 overall). Then the seniors drafted underclassmen. After each pick, that particular position was emptied so both sides would have all positions. In other words, after Greg Jones was picked first overall by the Green team, the White team automatically got the last remaining middle linebacker, Jamiihr Williams.
    In the case of receivers, for example, Keshawn Martin went first, then both sides took turns picking until all of them were drafted.

Out for the game: Kendell Davis-Clark, Jeremy Ware, Rocco Cironi, Ashton Henderson, Marcus Hyde

Green team
Head coach: Dan Roushar, OC Dave Warner, DC Harlon Barnett, with Narduzzi on staff
Honorary coaches: MSU hoops seniors
Seniors: C Joel Nitchman, CB Ross Weaver, OT Brendon Moss, WR Blair White, FB Josh Rouse, DT Michael Jordan, OLB Brandon Denson, OT Mike Schmeding

White team
Head coach: Ted Gill, OC Mark Staten, DC Mike Tressel, with Don Treadwell and Dan Enos on staff
Honorary coaches: MSU men's basketball assistant coaches
Seniors: DE Trevor Anderson, S Dan Fortener, MLB Adam Decker, K Brett Swenson, FB Andrew Hawken, RB A.J. Jimmerson, FB Andrew Pendy, C John Stipek

Green wins coin flip, tails called by Travis Walton

First pick
GREEN: MLB Greg Jones (White takes Jamiihr Williams)

Second pick
WHITE: S Trenton Robinson (Green takes Brynden Trawick, White takes Jesse Johnson, Green takes Donald Spencer)

Third pick
GREEN: CB Chris L. Rucker (White takes Johnny Adams, Green takes Chase Parker, White takes Patrick White)

Fourth pick
WHITE: NT Oren Wilson (Green takes Ishmyl Johnson)

Fifth pick
GREEN: RT J’Michael Deane (White takes Antonio Jeremiah, Green takes Zach Hueter)

Sixth pick
WHITE: Sam LB Eric Gordon (Green takes Jon Misch, White takes Steve Gardiner, Green takes Tyrone Mattison)

Seventh pick
GREEN: TE Charlie Gantt (White takes Brian Linthicum, Green takes Garrett Celek, White takes David Duran)

Eighth pick
WHITE: LG Joel Foreman (Green takes Ethan Ruhland)

Ninth pick
GREEN: DE Colin Neely (White takes David Rolf, Green takes Johnathan Strayhorn, White takes Todd Anderson, Green takes Tyler Hoover, who is banged up and is questionable for Saturday)

10th pick
WHITE: DT Jerel Worthy (Green takes Kevin Pickelman, White takes Cameron Jude)

11th pick
GREEN: RG Jared McGaha (White takes Chris McDonald, Green takes Anthony Woods)

12th pick
WHITE: WR Keshawn Martin (Green takes Mark Dell, White takes B.J. Cunningham, Green takes Chris D. Rucker, White takes Myles White, Green takes Brad Sonntag, White take Milton Colbert, Green takes Fred Smith, White takes Cam Martin)

13th pick
GREEN: RB Caulton Ray (White takes Ashton Leggett, Green takes Andre Anderson, White takes Andre Buford, Green takes David Spears)

14th pick
WHITE: LT D.J. Young (Green takes John Deyo)

15th pick
GREEN: Long snapper Alex Shackleton (all gone at that position, John Stipek is with the White team)

16th pick
WHITE: P Aaron Bates (Green takes Kyle Selden)

17th pick
GREEN: QB Kirk Cousins (White takes Keith Nichol)

18th pick
WHITE: Will LB Drew Stevens (all gone at that position)

19th pick
GREEN: C Hugh Stangeland (all gone at that position)

20th pick
WHITE: FB Nick Bendzuck (Green takes Adam Setterbo)

So here are your likely starting lineups
LT: Brendon Moss
LG: Ethan Ruhland
C: Joel Nitchman
RG: Jared McGaha
RT: J’Michael Deane
QB: Kirk Cousins
RB: Caulton Ray/Andre Anderson
FB: Josh Rouse
TE: Charlie Gantt
WR: Blair White
WR: Mark Dell
PK: Dan Conroy

DE: Trevor Anderson
DT: Jerel Worthy
NT: Oren Wilson
DE: David Rolf/Todd Anderson
OLB: Eric Gordon
MLB: Adam Decker
OLB: Drew Stevens
CB: Johnny Adams
CB: Patrick White
SS: Danny Fortener
FS: Trenton Robinson
P: Aaron Bates

LT: D.J. Young
LG: Joel Foreman
C: John Stipek
RG: Chris McDonald
RT: Antonio Jeremiah
QB: Keith Nichol
RB: Ashton Leggett/A.J. Jimmerson
FB: Andrew Hawken
TE: Brian Linthicum
WR: Keshawn Martin
WR: B.J. Cunningham
PK: Brett Swenson

DE: Colin Neely
NT: Michael Jordan
DT: Kevin Pickelman
DE: Johnathan Strayhorn
OLB: Brandon Denson
MLB: Greg Jones
OLB: Jon Misch
CB: Chris L. Rucker
CB: Ross Weaver
SS: Brynden Trawick
FS: Donald Spencer
P: Kyle Selden

What does it all mean?
•    The fact that the quarterbacks went so late tells you exactly how close they are. Both teams were more worried about filling other positions, knowing they’d have a good QB either way.
•    Caulton Ray going first at running back. Very interesting.
•    Keshawn Martin going first at receiver (with senior Blair White off the board). Also interesting.
•    Brian Linthicum going next after Charlie Gantt. That bodes well for the tight end position, because Celek and Duran have shown they can play.
•    Trenton Robinson going so high also backs up all the praise he’s received this spring.
•    Fred Smith went after Brad Sonntag, Myles White and Milton Colbert at receiver, making me wonder even more if a position switch might be in his future. Or he may be banged up, but I have seen him out there without a yellow jersey on this spring.
•    The White defense and Green offense are the best units. Don’t forget, the White team has both starting specialists, which could be a big difference.
•    Still, I’m installing the Green team as early 5-point favorites. But if Nichol gets protection from his offensive line, he has some very green safeties to go after.



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