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April 13, 2009

Winston sentenced

Suspended MSU running back Glenn Winston was sentenced Monday to 180 days in jail, starting Friday, after pleading guilty last month to misdemeanor aggravated assault and misdemeanor assault and battery in the October fight between MSU football and hockey players.

   Winston also received 24 months of probation and $1,768.43 in fines, according to East Lansing District Court 54-B records. He must complete an assaultive behavor/substance abuse program, and there may be more restitution required, depending on possible future medical bills for MSU hockey player A.J. Sturges. Sturges suffered a head injury in the fight.
    Winston will be allowed to continue to work toward his degree in jail. The jail time runs into October. Winston remains suspended indefinitely.



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Joe Rexrode
MSU Sports Reporter

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