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May 22, 2009

Texas date set

According to this blog post from the Austin American-Statesman, Texas and MSU will meet on Dec. 22 in Erwin Center. I'm somewhat surprised it's a Tuesday game, rather than a Saturday afternoon meeting like a year ago in Houston.

   This is the third of a four-game series between the Spartans and Longhorns, with Texas scheduled to visit Breslin Center in 2010-11.
    So for next year's nonleague slate we know:
    MSU at North Carolina in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on Dec. 1
    MSU at Texas on Dec. 22.
    Likely a home game with Gonzaga.
    Likely a tournament in New Jersey with a field that includes Florida.
    Possibly a trip to play at The Citadel.
    So yeah, another cushy, Boeheim-like November and December for MSU.



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