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August 06, 2009

What the heck, I guess I'll bother William Gholston, too

Will Gholston is already a master of Internet buzz, and he isn't even a high school senior yet!

   Here's a recap for those of you who haven't been freaking out about MSU's top 2010 prize.
    At a media event Thursday in Wixom, Gholston told Perry Farrell of the Detroit Free Press that he still planned on visiting other schools.
    He said of his verbal commitment to MSU:
    “I think I'm 100 percent sure, but I'm going to take visits to make sure I'm sure. It's a lifelong decision.
    “I never really got out there, so I have to make sure. Michigan State has everything I want, but I just want to make sure everybody else has the opportunity to get me down to their school and try to persuade and convince me. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. If it does, it does.”
    Gholston also said he doesn't "want to play defensive end at all," his supposed college position. The article makes it sound as if a school promising linebacker might be able to lure him from MSU.
    That story was the featured story on the front page of the Freep Web site Thursday afternoon and early evening. Later in the evening, Hondo Carpenter caught up with Gholston and got a totally different story. Asked whether he was considering a "decommitment," Gholston said:
    “No way man. I heard that also. You know what I said to you and I stand by that. I am a Spartan.  I am going to be a Spartan. I am not wavering and I am not going to attend another school.”
    See, it's things like this that remind me of why I try to avoid football recruiting like it's swine flu, despite its obvious relevance. Grown adults curling up in a ball on the floor because of a few words from a teenager is weird. Teenagers! Born in the 1990s! Everyone is different, but I sure came up a few clues short at that age. Yet guys like Gholston are now getting scrutinized like pros. You know, like in this blog entry.
    Speaking of blogs, you have to love the ability to bury the lede like this. It's paragraph 11 and we're finally getting to my call today to Gholston. A journalistic abomination in any other forum. Quite simply, I asked him what happened. He reiterated that he is fully committed to MSU and misunderstood what Farrell was asking.
    "I thought he asked, 'If you went somewhere else besides MSU, where would you go?'" Gholston said. "I misinterpreted the question and I answered it to the best of my ability."
    So are you planning on visiting other schools?
    "I don't plan on going."
    And what about your position in college?
    "I don't know exactly what position I'll be playing at MSU, but I'm willing to play whatever will get me on the field the fastest."
    That's about it. Gholston has assured all his Facebook friends that he is a Spartan all the way. He may have "tweeted" about it too, I'm not sure. His clarification doesn't completely explain away the comments he made to the Free Press, and this whole thing still seems a little bit weird. But maybe that shouldn't be a surprise. Have you noticed the music these teenagers are listening to these days?




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