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October 25, 2009

Dantonio on Iowa

At his Sunday night press briefing, Mark Dantonio took a trip down Painful and Recent Memory Lane.

    He had a different viewpoint on some things after viewing the film, as is usually the case. He took out the stopwatch earlier in the day and confirmed that the game clock was correct on Iowa's final drive.

    "I wish I could say it wasn't," he said.

    On the two disputed calls, he definitely still disagrees on the Jeremy Ware personal foul and will send it to the Big Ten. He didn't seem to have a major problem with the holding on Chris L. Rucker's interception, saying it was a "judgment call" and that Rucker could have played it better and made the pick without the contact.

    As for the coaching calls that are being second-guessed with great enthusiasm (rushing three early in Iowa's winning drive, then heavy blitzing in the red zone), Dantonio said dropping eight is "the normal thing to do in that situation," and that the pressure needed to affect Stanzi. It didn't. MSU lost. So the strategy will be questioned. If MSU continues the aggression from the first 57 minutes and gives up the deep one on that drive, Pat Narduzzi would really be skewered today. Times like this make me wonder who's really under more pressure -- a head coach or his coordinators?




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