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October 11, 2009

Winston out for year

The news was bad for Glenn Winston. Torn ACL. Surgery Thursday. Out for the season. It was better for Keith Nichol, who is "day to day" according to Mark Dantonio.

    Dantonio said Nichol's left elbow injury is "not as severe as it looked on the field," but didn't get more specific. Day to day could still end up being out for a couple weeks, and Dantonio said Andrew Maxwell will be prepared as the No. 2 if Nichol is unable to go. Maxwell could always redshirt next year or the year after.

    Meanwhile, Kirk Cousins' right ankle was about 85 percent Saturday and should be 100 percent for Northwestern, Dantonio said. At running back, it's possible MSU could reconsider redshirting Edwin Baker, but it doesn't sound like Dantonio is leaning that way. Maybe Ashton Leggett gets his chance. Or Caulton Ray returns to the rotation. Either way, this no doubt means more work for Larry Caper (whose leg is fine, by the way).



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