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November 15, 2009

Sunday smorgasboard

Brett Swenson was just named Big Ten special teams player of the week. At MSU hoops practice tonight, Raymar Morgan practiced some, is still not 100 percent with the left ankle, will play at least some Tuesday vs. Gonzaga. Woke up this morning with Chick-Fil-A on the mind -- then realized it's closed on Sunday! Painful.

    Now for something truly painful. Injuries have left Northwestern basketball's promising season in shambles, and without Coble and Ryan that team won't win more than a handful of Big Ten games, if that.
    I haven't been very good about this in 2009, but here's my AP ballot. I'm frankly appalled that voters have Penn State ahead of Iowa, considering Iowa won handily there, and considering what the Hawkeyes showed Saturday evening without their starting QB.
    1.    Florida
2.    Alabama
3.    Texas
4.    TCU
5.    Cincinnati
6.    Boise State
7.    Georgia Tech
8.    Ohio State
9.    LSU
10.    Pittsburgh
11.    Oregon
12.    Iowa
13.    Stanford
14.    Penn State
15.    Oklahoma State
16.    Virginia Tech
17.    Wisconsin
18.    Oregon State
19.    Utah
20.    North Carolina
21.    Miami (Fla.)
22.    USC
23.    California
24.    Arizona
25.    Clemson

Coming soon: The bowl scenario in extreme detail.



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