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November 13, 2009

They made it through

For those wondering about Draymond Green's scary moment at the end of the game, it was just a cramp. And Raymar Morgan was sore after the first half (he said he might have slightly "hyperextended" the ankle), but he and Tom Izzo both said he should be stronger for Tuesday's Gonzaga game.

    Also, Durrell Summers had an ankle tweak and sat most of the second half as a precaution. This is getting weird.
    In non-injury developments, Derrick Nix became the second MSU freshman to debut with a double double (Matt Steigenga did it in 1988), with 11 and 14. The 14 rebounds is a freshman debut record. Yes, he looked like a man grabbing the ball from little kids at times, but there's no doubt his hands and big frame will serve this team well.
    I was also very impressed with Korie Lucious. The lost offseason doesn't seem to be hurting him at this point. He had 11 and 8, was extremely fast, and he and Lucas work well together. That's just too much speed in one backcourt.
    Speaking of speed, it's time to test the limits en route to Lafayette. I'll check in from Ross-Ade in the morning.



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