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December 18, 2009

Alamo depth chart

Mark Dantonio just wrapped up his news conference, and a large portion of the 25 minutes ended up related in some way to the fight situation, with no real news to report on that front.

    There are some interesting depth chart items, however. For one thing, for the first time all year, Kirk Cousins is listed as the starter and Keith Nichol as the backup. The "or" is finally gone.
    Also, Blair White's backup at the X receiver is Brad Sonntag, while Keshawn Martin's No. 2 is Milton Colbert. Dantonio didn't get specific about how MSU will adjust to the depleted receiving corps, but he did indicate they'll get creative, and that Dion Sims and the tight ends will get more chances.
    At running back, it's Edwin Baker "or" Larry Caper. On defense, Kendell Davis-Clark is listed as the starter at boundary corner, with Ross Weaver backing up Jeremy Ware at field corner. Somewhat surprised by that. And it's Danny Fortener and Trenton Robinson at the starting safety spots.
    Check back later for some of Dantonio's comments. Asked if more suspensions may be coming, he said he doesn't anticipate more, but "you never know, we'll do what we have to do."



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