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December 18, 2009

Trawick transferring

Just got off the phone with George Trawick, whose son Brynden -- an MSU redshirt freshman linebacker/safety -- is transferring. Brynden visited Tennessee on Thursday and will visit South Florida on Saturday. He's planning to go JUCO for next year, then transfer to another Division I school.

    Trawick is one of four players suspended but not charged in the Rather Hall incident. George Trawick, though, said that he wanted Brynden to transfer over the summer. He said he was not happy with how things were going on the field, from a player development standpoint. Brynden was switched to linebacker this season, then back to safety for a few weeks.
    The Trawicks met with Mark Dantonio on Dec. 11, and a release was granted. More on this later.



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