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January 04, 2010

Izzo recap

Dion Sims to play hoops? Maybe, it'll be up to Mark Dantonio and Sims, who has said all along that he'd like to do both.

    For those of you wondering what that might mean to the rest of the basketball season, it would give MSU another big, active body in practice, but I wouldn't expect Sims to step in and crack that rotation this season.
    Asked if he has a guy who is calling guys at the wee hours to get them fired up about things (such as Travis Walton used to do), Izzo said he's still searching for that kind of vocal presence. But that "Draymond Green is starting to be that guy."
    On Kalin Lucas, nothing new. He has 37 points in two games, Izzo and Lucas both said Monday they're as tight as ever. Izzo did say several former players, including Magic Johnson, Mateen Cleaves and Morris Peterson, called last week to give their input and support after Izzo held Lucas out of Tuesday's practice.
    On the freshman bigs, Izzo is happy with the recent play of Derrick Nix and talked some about Nix's unique personality. Garrick Sherman, Izzo said, may be encountering the fabled "freshman wall" lately. Both, he said, are well beyond where they were when practice started in mid-October.
    Tickets ($13 and $30) are still available for Wednesday's 6:30 p.m. battle at the Bres between No. 10 MSU and No. 17 Wisconsin. Call 800-GO-STATE or go to msuspartans.com. MSU classes don't resume until Jan. 11, so the Izzone won't be there to help Wednesday.
    However, MSU is doing its first Izzone reunion, with 850 former Izzone members coming back for the game. Have they matured and become quiet and stuffy over the years? MSU hopes not.
    There's still a 2009 MSU football season to fully review and a 2010 season to preview. Look for that Wednesday. In the meantime, here's one more look back at MSU's fifth loss in which it held a fourth-quarter lead.



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