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January 21, 2010

Which switch is worse, new MSU logo or Leno for Conan?

Logo, logo, logo! (To be said like: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!) Geez, calm down people. It's not like MSU is switching to Barney's mug as its logo.

    In something a bit newsier, you may have heard that Minnesota starting point guard Al Nolen is, for now, academically ineligible. The NCAA is reviewing his status, but it looks like he'll at least miss Saturday's game. If so, that probably means a lot more Devoe Joseph. That means better shooting for the Gophers, but Nolen is a big key to Tubby Smith's pressure defense.
    In other Gophers personnel news, the freshman who was supposed to make a major impact this season -- then was supposed to be gone for good -- is back practicing with the team. Might Smith unveil him for this critical game?
    Tonight around the Big Ten, Tom Crean's Indiana Hoosiers got another big win, while Penn State dropped to a dismal 0-6. Think Jamelle Cornley and Stanley Pringle were big losses for Ed DeChellis and Talor Battle? Not happy in that valley. You look at Indiana now, at 9-9, they can at least talk about making an NIT push. The schedule says there's no way it happens, but the Hoosiers have more wins in them. And just think, their most explosive player, Maurice Creek, is out for the year. Crean is getting there.
    Off-topic editorial comment: There's more funny in a strand of Conan O'Brien's orange hair than in Jay Leno's entire career, VHS stand-up tapes and all. Here's to NBC execs regretting this decision for many years.



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