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February 25, 2010

Hummel reax

Tom Izzo on Robbie Hummel: “The kid’s been everything good for the Big Ten, to be honest with you. He’s on every committee, he’s a good student, he’s a quality guy. After what he went through last year, he was playing great. I look at it as, ‘Are they gonna miss him?’ Well sure they’re gonna miss him. But I also look at it that usually the first game after an injury, that’s win one for the Gipper type thing. … The biggest thing I’d say about it is I feel for the kid, his parents and for Purdue.”

    Looking forward, what will this do to Purdue's seeding when Selection Sunday arrives? Good point that Cincy had no chance to prove itself without Kenyon Martin in 2000, and I suppose Purdue can say it earned a No. 1 if it wins from now through that Sunday. But I just don't see how Hummel's absence doesn't knock the Boilers down a peg or two.
    Also from MSU practice:
    * Delvon Roe said it's his right knee, not his left, that is ailing, and that he is definitely playing through pain. Asked if it's a sprain, he said: "Something like that." But he did say he doesn't expect to need any surgery and that playing on it now is not a long-term risk.
    * Kalin Lucas calls his right ankle "90 to 95 percent."
    * Apparently Derrick Nix hit 90 of 100 free throws in Wednesday's practice. "That's like the second coming," Izzo said. "Derrick's doing great."
    * So how's that team chemistry doing? You just never know, but Chris Allen did report that walk-on forward Anthony Ianni rapped for the team this week. He came late to a meeting because of an academic obligation, so the guys jokingly told him he had to do a "wall sit" (the painful sandbag exercise) or rap. Ianni opted to rap. Hopefully we'll get our hands on an audio file soon.



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